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DDMALL Four 1080p Window 4K Video Multiviewer

Model: AGS-P-100-4K

DDMALL Four 1080p Window 4K Video Multiviewer, Supports Four DVI and Four VGA Inputs, One 4K UHD Output with HDMI 1.4 Standard. 4K×2K Point-to-Point Display. IR Remote Control Supported. Automatic Matching All Kinds of 4K LCD Display Devices. Supports Dynamic Window Sizing and Positioning, Smooth Panning and Zooming within Images, Overlaps, and Programmable Presets.


The AGS-P-100-4K multiviewer offers a range of creative features, including dynamic window sizing and positioning, input grouping, smooth panning and zooming within images, overlaps and programmable presets. It allows one 4K, four DVI, four VGA inputs, and one 4K UHD output with HDMI1.4 standard. Automatic matching all kinds of 4K LCD display devices. Meeting today's demand for the highest resolution possible, the AGS-P-100-4K 4K multiviewer delivers unequalled reliability and the ability to display your high quality content with eight million pixels of performance. It is ideally suited for videoconferencing, distance learning, usability labs and other applications that require the capability to simultaneously display multiple video sources on one screen.