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Mini H.264 HDMI Video Encoder

Model: AVC-2K

The AVC-2K is a small, compact, yet professional H.264 HDMI hardware encoder that can encode and stream HD live video from an HDMI source to a popular online service (e.g. YouTube Live) or to a custom specified RTMP server at up to 1080p over wired Ethernet. Simple setup and innovative design provide a professional and reliable live streaming solution without breaking the bank.


DDMALL was created with the mission of making high quality, easy-to-use, multi-function streaming encoders to everyone. We believe big things come in small packages -- that's why we created hand-sized, all-in-one encoders that can simplify your streaming process. So you can go live streaming anytime and anywhere, without having to worry about needing heavy equipment.


Portable H.264 Video Encoder

The DDMALL AVC-2K is the most dense, portable, all-in-one H.264 hardware encoder in the market. Featuring a maximum of 1080p60/1080i/60 HDMI input, it encodes video and audio from video source and delivers stable, high quality stream at up to 1080p with low encoding latency under 100ms over wired Ethernet. This stand-alone device is ideal for integration projects, particularly in portable and demanding applications such as manned and unmanned airborne platforms or live field broadcasting.



Customize Logo or Text

When you are doing live streaming, you can add text, watermark and logo to the video stream to customize your output display. This allows you to add production value and enhance the viewer experience of your broadcast.


Power Saving

This stand-alone device has a low power consumption of only 1.8W, it uses about 80% LESS power than traditional encoders. This means you are using less energy to do the same job. It is perfect for Drone/UAV and other mobile applications where power supply may be limited.


USB-Powered for Easy Powering

This portable encoder can be powered from most HDMI sources directly, which means you can go live streaming without external power supply. For some devices with low power HDMI port, you can use any basic USB port (e.g. a USB port on PC, media box, USB hub, power bank, etc.) for its power. Forget about bulky AC power adapters, we've got you covered.

Easy Setup

This portable encoder is simple to use. It is controlled via web-based user interface, which is accessible on any web-enabled devices, such as PC, tablet and smart phone. This allows you to mange your encoder without having to install external driver or software.

   Ideal for Many Applications

   •  Church Live Streaming

   •  Online Live Broadcasting

   •  UAV/Drone Applications

   •  NVR Systems and More